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Edit Image Forms


As you’re working in the Images PowerView, you may need to directly edit your photo forms. While some of your photo information is automatically transferred from your report into the appropriate fields you can edit the information or type additional data in the comments fields through the Edit Forms view in the Images PowerView. To edit an image page…

  1. From the Images PowerView, click Edit Forms in the Images pane.

  2. Now, select the desired form from the Image pages pane at the top of the page. You can also use the Next and Back links at the bottom of the forms to cycle through the image pages in your report.
  3. Click in any of the fields on the displayed page to edit or enter data.
  Note:  If you make changes to any of the fields that already have data in them, you need to lock that field so your data is not overwritten the next time your report is saved. Place your cursor in the field you changed, then click the Forms menu, and select Lock field from transfers.