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The DirectFax system works in tandem with your Enterprise Appraiser XSite to convert all your paper workfile documents into one electronic file. Anybody can fax a document to special toll-free number using a custom cover sheet. You can fax supporting documents to yourself, or have your clients fax important supporting documents to you. These documents are converted to electronic files, and then attached directly to your report. To use DirectFax…

  1. Gather up all of the supporting documents related to the current report.
  2. Then, in the Workfile PowerView, click Fax a document in the DirectFax pane on the left.
  3. Click DirectFax in toolbar to create and print a customized cover sheet for this report.

      Hint:  You can use a tool like Adobe Acrobat to create an electronic version of the cover sheet, which you can then e-mail to your clients.  
  4. Fax all of your documents, with the cover sheet on top, to the toll-free number provided on the cover sheet.
  5. Once the fax has been sent, click Sync in the toolbar to retrieve any faxed docs and add them to the list of workfile documents.
  6. Double-click any DirectFax document to open it in the Acrobat Reader application.
  Note: All documents that are faxed at one time are converted into one PDF file. Even though you may have different kinds of documents, they’re all stored in one file. If you’d like to have them stored separately, use the same cover sheet, but fax them a few minutes apart.