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Send XML and PDF via secure e-mail


DataCourier helps you avoid costly fines and trust-destroying privacy violations associated with sending unsecured MISMO XML reports as e-mail attachments.

Instead of simply attaching the report files to an e-mail, the message you deliver to your client will contain links to the files which allow your client to securely download the files they need. They'll be able to download the MISMO XML, as well as a standalone version of the PDF that's embedded in the XML file.

Once you've completed a report on the UAD version of the major form, you're ready to deliver the files via DataCourier. Here's how it works:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow beside the Deliver to Client icon (  ), hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect, and select XML + PDF via DataCourier.

    Deliver via DataCourier

  2. TOTAL Connect runs a quick UARR review of your report before delivery. If the UARR review finds any errors that are considered to be "critical," the Mercury Network Delivery Wizard notifies you. Click Cancel to stop the delivery process and correct the error. When the errors have been addressed, begin the delivery again.

    UARR Review

    If there are any errors or warnings:

    • Click View PDF to review a PDF copy of your report and compare it against the UARR Results.
    • Click UARR Review to open a separate window and view the UARR Review Results alongside the forms in your report.  Click any error or warning in the Review Viewer to jump to that field in the form.
    • Click Print to print the list of errors and warnings.
    • If you find a problem that needs to be corrected, click Cancel to exit the delivery wizard.  Then, correct the report as needed and begin the delivery process again.
  3. If there are no errors, or if you've reviewed the warnings and errors and determined that no changes are necessary, click Next to proceed.
  4. In the Delivery details dialog, enter the information relevant to your delivery:

    • Enter the recipient's address in the To field. Enter multiple e-mail addresses by separating them with a semicolon (;).
    • Enter a subject for your message, or use the drop-down for the Subject field to auto-populate it with information from your report. Customize the subject line using the drop-down list to choose other fields from the report.
    • Type the body of your message as you want it to appear in the email message that is sent.
    • Click Preview PDF to view the completed appraisal that the client is receiving.
  5. When you've entered all the necessary delivery information, click Send to deliver the message.

What your client sees

Your client will get a notification similar to the following in their Inbox. Note that the PDF and XML files are not attached. Instead, there is a link for retrieving them - which is much more secure, and less likely to be blocked by a spam filter.

After clicking the View Appraisal link, the client will then see a screen similar to the following. From here, you can download the MISMO 2.6 compliant XML file and/or the PDF. Even though the PDF information is embedded in the XML file, we're providing a separate link to just the PDF because many lenders and AMCs do not have tools to extract and view the PDF from the XML file.

That's it. Your client has now securely downloaded the MISMO XML of the report.