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Create Individual Contacts


To add a new individual contact to your database…

  1. From WinTOTAL’s contact manager, click Add in the toolbar.
  2. When the Contact Details screen appears, select the option at the top to indicate that you’re adding an Individual.

  3. Next, select at least one option from the Type of contact check boxes. You can choose as many as you like.  
  4. If you’d like to limit access to this contact to yourself, un-check the Public Contact box. If this is checked, all of the users on your system can view this contact.
  5. Complete the remaining text boxes for this individual and be sure to select the appropriate company from the Assign to Co. menu.
      Note: Keep in mind that the drop-down company list only contains company contacts that you’ve created thus far.  If you need to add a company to the list, add it first and then assign this contact to the company later.  
  6. Depending on the contact Type you indicated you have different options available:


For Appraiser Contacts

For Client and Lender Contacts