Comps PowerView

Comps PowerView


The Comps PowerView is designed to turn one of your most valuable assets – your comps – into a powerful business tool.  The expanded Comps Database allows you to quickly find and place the best comps for your report, while the side-by-side view allows you to quickly apply standard adjustments across all of them at once.  Coupled with the new MLS import tools, these new features can easily save you countless hours, and help you generate more business in the process. 

WinTOTAL’s side-by-side comps view gives you the flexibility to manage all of your comps at once.  Since you’re not constrained to form layouts for your comp work, you can easily make adjustments to all of your comps, copy data back and forth from comps, and rearrange comps without the usual copy and paste process that forms require.  To get to WinTOTAL’s side-by-side comps view, just click Comps in the main toolbar.


From this view, you can:

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