Configure WinTOTAL > General Settings > Change Database Locations

Change Database Locations


WinTOTAL allows you to configure the location or “path” of your report files, images, and image thumbnails on your computer. If you choose to change these settings, keep in mind that configuring them incorrectly could interfere with WinTOTAL’s ability to create, load, and save certain types of files that it uses. For this reason, we recommend that you only change these settings at the direction of an a la mode technical support representative. In the event that you choose to do so on your own…

  1. From the General Settings section of WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click Edit my Database Paths in the General pane to the left.
  2. If you’re storing your report files, images, or image thumbnail files on your computer in a non-standard location, just type in or Browse to the folder where you’re storing each type of file.

  3. Click Save when finished to accept your changes.