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Automatically Adjust


In the past, WinTOTAL included the ability to make standard adjustments across all comps based on square footage. While the Square Foot Adjuster is still alive and well in the Tools menu, the newest version allows you to make adjustments across ALL comps in the report based on just about any field. In addition, you can build sets of assumptions and adjustments, then save and load them at will.


Defining Adjustment Rules

To create a set of automatic adjustments…

  1. From the side-by-side comps view, click Auto Adjuster at the top of the Subject column.

  2. In the Auto Adjustment fly-out column, you can define adjustments for either text-based responses OR numeric responses.  Depending on whether the column’s data is text or numbers, the process differs.
    • For Numeric Fields – Enter a per-unit adjustment value into the Adjustment column.  For instance, if you wanted to make a flat adjustment of $15 per square foot of difference for the GLA, you’d type “15” (without the quotes) into the Adjustment column for that field.
    • For Text Fields – Click the button with three dots to the right of the Difference column. In the screen that appears, enter each of the descriptions you might use for each comp into the Description column. In the Value column, enter a dollar value that you’d like to apply to any comp that differs from the subject. For example, if in the Condition field you would normally use “Excellent,” “Average” or “Poor,” enter these values in the left column (leave the additional fields blank). Then, if you would normally make a $1,000 adjustment if the subject was rated excellent and the comp “Average,” put “1000” in the Value column to the right of “Average.” Likewise, if the adjustment for a “Poor” house was $1000, enter “-1000” in the Value field to the right of “Poor.” Once you’ve completed the Adjustment Table, click OK to save it.

  3. To apply an adjustment threshold that prevents automatic adjustments below a specified dollar value, use the Difference column to enter a minimum dollar value adjustment that WinTOTAL must exceed before applying the adjustment.

WinTOTAL automatically applies your adjustment rules to your report as you leave each field.


Saving Adjustment Rules

Since the same set of adjustment rules do not apply to every report, you should save your adjustment rules so that you can retrieve them when you work a report for which they apply.  To save your adjustment rules…

  1. In the side-by-side comps view, use the auto-adjuster to define your adjustment rules.
  2. After creating the adjustments you need (as you might do for a neighborhood, for example), click Save As at the top of the Auto Adjustments column.
  3. Enter a name for this set of assumptions and then choose whether it should be available to only you or to everyone using this copy of WinTOTAL.
  4. Click OK to save the assumptions.


Loading Adjustment Rules

As you continue working new reports, you will need to load the proper set of saved adjustment rules in order to have WinTOTAL automatically apply the right adjustments to your comps.  To load a set of adjustment rules…


  1. In the side-by-side comps view, open the auto-adjuster by clicking the auto-adjuster button at the top of the subject column.
  2. Click Load and choose the desired assumptions set from the list
  3. Click OK to accept your choice and apply your automatic adjustment rules across all comps in the report.
  Hint:  Your auto-adjustment assumptions are saved as part of the report. When you clone an old report, or use the SmartMerge feature, the auto-adjustments are brought along.