Workfile PowerView > Add Files

Add Files


To add a file to the workfile from the Workfile PowerView…

  1. From the Workfile PowerView, add the files you need to store for USPAP compliance directly into the workfile.  There are several ways you can add files into your workfile.


    Browse – Click Browse in the toolbar and use the standard Windows Open screen to navigate your system, select a file and click Open.
    To select multiple files at once, simply hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and click the files you wish to add to your workfile.


    Scan – This option uses your attached scanner to scan any document directly into the digital Workfile. When you click Scan in the toolbar, WinTOTAL presents you a list of the installed scanners. Select the desired device from the list and click Select. Your scanner software launches and guides you through the scanning process. At the end, the resulting document is inserted directly into your report’s workfile. For help with your scanner software, please consult the documentation that came with your device.


    DirectFax – A powerful new service offered by a la mode. Click Create in the toolbar to print a custom fax cover sheet for this report. Any documents faxed to a la mode using this special cover sheet are automatically attached to your report’s digital workfile. See the DirectFax section of this user guide for more information.

  2. Once you’ve added all the files you need into your workfile, remember to click Save to save your workfile.