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Using this Guide


We hope this on-screen help file provides a good reference as you begin using WinTOTAL.  Here’s a short guide to help you make the most use of this tool and how to navigate through it.


The Table of Contents allows you to navigate through the chapters of the manual.  Each blue arrow (  ) represents one chapter.  By clicking a blue arrow icon (  ) , you can see the topics within that chapter.  Just click a topic or chapter name to view it in the right-hand pane.

Many pages contain both text and photos. In addition, some of the text will be blue like this. This "blue" text is called a hyperlink. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to another webpage or another section of the manual which further explains or illustrates a topic.


The Search feature provides full-text search capabilities for this guide. From here, just enter the words you want to find within topics and click Go to view a list of all pages containing your search criteria.  Again, to view the desired pages, simply click on them and they'll appear in the pane on the right.

Search is particularly useful when you want to find a section of the help file that is unique, but you're not sure where it is in the Table of Contents, or when you want to find all instances of a word within the help file.