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Use QuickLists


Once you’ve created a QuickList, you can easily use it when filling out your forms. 


Quick vs. All QuickLists

WinTOTAL allows you to filter your QuickLists so that you can view either All QuickLists in your text database, or just the QuickLists that apply to the currently selected form field.  To switch between the two views, click the link in the upper left of the QuickLists pane.  Depending on your current QuickLists view, the link says either “Quick” or “All” to indicate the view you will switch to when you click it.

Basic QuickList Usage

To use a QuickList entry...

  1. In the Forms PowerView, place your cursor into the field in which you intend to use the QuickList entry.
  2. Double-click the QuickList entry in the QuickLists pane.


    Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and press the number on your keyboard that you see listed in the QuickLists pane to the left of the entry you want to use.

The QuickList entry immediately fills out your form with the data you saved into it.


Advanced QuickLists Options

If you need to specify exactly where WinTOTAL inserts the QuickList entry in your field, you must use the advanced QuickLists entry options.  To do so…

  1. In the Forms PowerView, right-click the QuickList entry you want to use.
  2. From the menu that appears, select the item you want to use.  Options are…
    • Replace Current Field Text with QuickList – Overwrites the information you currently have in your form field with the data in your QuickList entry.
    • Insert QuickList into Current Field Text – Inserts the data in your QuickList entry into the existing content in your field at the location of your cursor in the field.
    • Append QuickList at the End of the Current Field Text – Adds the QuickList entry’s data to the end of the current form field’s data.
    • Change Text Database Name – Offers you a list of alternate WinTOTAL user profiles containing QuickList entries so that you can switch your QuickLists to use another user’s
    • Create New Text Database – Opens the QuickLists manager, allowing you to create a new set of QuickLists and associate the new list with any WinTOTAL user profile.
    • Resequence QuickList – Calls up WinTOTAL’s QuickList reordering tool so that you can change the order of the QuickList entries for the currently selected field.  This only applies for fields that have multiple QuickList entries.