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Use Existing Addenda


Once you’ve built your library of custom addenda, using them in your reports is a matter of a few clicks.  To load a previously saved addendum…

  1. From WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, click File in the lower toolbar and choose Load.
  2. Select the addendum you wish to use and then click Load. Your custom addendum should now appear in your report – replacing whatever addendum you had before. And any linked field in the addendum is updated with information from the current report.

  Note: When you load a new addendum, it overwrites the existing addendum in your report.  
  Hint: The Load Addenda screen lists only the addenda files you created and saved in WinTOTAL. However, you can also load any MS Word or Text file into your addendum. From the screen that appears, click More files. Browse your system to find the desired file and click Open.