Sketch PowerView

Sketch PowerView


WinTOTAL’s new VIP integration system now allows any sketch vendor to integrate directly with WinTOTAL.  If you’ve been using the custom integrated version of Apex 3 inside WinTOTAL, that will continue to function normally, but if you want to use a different sketch vendor like AreaSketch or RapidSketch, those alternatives are also available and can integrate directly with WinTOTAL. 

  Note:  If you have any questions about licensing or usage for these sketch programs, you should contact your sketch manufacturer directly.  

This user’s guide, discusses key integration points for these applications, as well as certain key options that are available in WinTOTAL to facilitate your sketching and sketch management.  To access WinTOTAL’s Sketch PowerView, click Sketch in the upper right corner of WinTOTAL.


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