Set Up Tracking Rules


If you plan to actively use WinTOTAL’s Tracking folders to help you keep track of your files, you must first take a few moments to define the list of reports you want to handle with those Tracking folders.  To do so:

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click Options, Tracking Rules.


  2. In the screen that appears, mark your preferred options to limit the list of reports that appear in your Tracking folders.  Options are:
    • WinTOTAL Tracking Options – These Tracking options allow you to filter your report list to just those files that fall after a certain date and reside within certain folders.  Click the Select folders to exclude from tracking link and check the box beside each folder you want to filter out of tracking.
    • Older WinTOTAL Report, "Athena generation", options – If you’ve been using WinTOTAL for some time, it’s likely that you have some of the older Athena format reports throughout your File Cabinet.  Depending on how long it’s been since you upgraded to Aurora, it’s possible that some of those reports are still active.  These options help you gracefully handle those old reports in your Tracking folders.  You have two options:
      • Check the Automatically show option to place all Athena files in your “Completed” Tracking folder. If you need to refine the filter to ensure that active reports aren’t filtered out, check the Except for box, and specify a cutoff date and status to classify the newest Athena reports under a status other than “Completed.”
      • If you were diligent about using Athena’s status tools, you can select the I used Athena’s status on my reports option and WinTOTAL will use your previous status information to sort your reports in Tracking.
  3. When you're finished, click OK.