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Set Up Your Connection


WinTOTAL relies on access to the Internet to provide several features. Net.X maps and XSite integration being two, not to mention access to an e-mail account for report delivery. For you to get the most from WinTOTAL, you should ensure that your computer is properly connected to the Internet.

A high-speed Internet connection such as that provided by DSL or cable is highly recommended. However, WinTOTAL can work through a dial-up connection, if that is all that is available to you.  To access WinTOTAL’s Internet configuration options…

  1. From the WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click the Internet icon in the toolbar.

  2. Apply your changes and click Save.

Depending on your needs, there are two different ways to configure your Internet connection: for dial-up and for high speed.

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