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Set Up QuickBooks Integration


To take advantage of our improved QuickBooks integration, you first need to install the proper integration software on your computer. 

  1. Right-click any report in the File Cabinet and choose the Add report to QuickBooks option in the menu that appears.  Once the progress bar disappears, the necessary software in installed.
  2. When a window appears prompting you to permit WinTOTAL to access QuickBooks, open QuickBooks and then open your company file.
  3. Once your company file is open, QuickBooks should immediately prompt you about allowing WinTOTAL to access its information.  Mark the option to always allow this connection even if QuickBooks is not running and click Continue.

  4. When QuickBooks prompts you to confirm this permission, click Yes.  Then click Done on the second confirmation.
  5. Close QuickBooks and return to the WinTOTAL screen prompting you to connect with QuickBooks and click Connect.

Once you click Connect, the integration tools are fully functional.