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Save Custom Formatting


WinTOTAL can store custom formatting such as text alignment, rounding, commas, etc…  This can come in handy if you continually have to use the F6 key to override our default settings or are always customizing the formulas. To use custom formatting…

  1. In the Forms PowerView, open the form you need and make adjustments to the formatting in any fields that require it.
  2. Click the Form menu and choose Default field formats. You then have 3 options:
    • Save formats as new default – This saves the formats currently in the form as that form’s default to preload on all new files.
    • Load default formats - This merges the default formats with the current information in the report and does away with your custom formatting.
    • Restore standard default formats – This resets the default formats with the original information that shipped with WinTOTAL.