Maps PowerView > Retrieve a Flood Map

Retrieve a Flood Map


If your map preferences are set to retrieve a flood map, in the fourth step of the Map Wizard, WinTOTAL retrieves the flood map for your subject property.

  1. In some cases, WinTOTAL may find several flood maps that apply to your subject property. Click the drop-down menu above the map area to preview the other maps that WinTOTAL finds (if any).
  2. As necessary, you can edit and annotate your map using the tools provided. To simply place the subject balloon, click the Add/Move Subject button in the Balloon tab on the left. Then, click the location on the map where you wish to place the subject balloon to insert it into the map.
  3. When finished, click Finish to complete the Map Wizard and insert your maps and data into your report.