Configure WinTOTAL > Register WinTOTAL

Register WinTOTAL


When you first install WinTOTAL, you’re prompted to enter the registration information to unlock WinTOTAL’s full feature set. If you’re working on a Demo version of WinTOTAL that you’d like to unlock, or if you need to change your registration information you can do so at any time.  To register WinTOTAL…

  1. From anywhere in WinTOTAL, click the Help menu and select Register.

  2. In the screen that appears, enter your Customer Number, Company Name and Authorization code in the designated fields. If you don’t have this information, click the Forgot your code? link at the bottom of the registration screen. Enter your a la mode customer in the box and click the button. Your information is immediately sent to the e-mail address and fax number we have on file for your company.
  3. Finally, click OK to accept your registration information.