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Receive WinTOTAL Reports


In the past, chances are when you received a report from a colleague, you opened it with the old “EDI Center” in WinTOTAL Athena. Since Aurora no longer needs the EDI Center, you can now receive your reports directly through your default e-mail client. Launching the file attachment from there opens that report with WinTOTAL, just as you’d expect.

  1. When someone sends you a WinTOTAL file, it now appears in your e-mail application like any other e-mail.
  2. Open the e-mail message, click (or double-click, depending upon your e-mail application) the attachment, and choose Open.
  3. If this is a file for a new report — rather than a file that you originally created and that has been returned — a screen appears allowing you to select which WinTOTAL folder you’d like to store the report in. Select the folder from the list and click OK.

  4. If this is a copy of an existing report, the Update WinTOTAL Report screen opens, showing details of the report you just received, as well as any existing reports in your WinTOTAL files list that match the new one. At this point, you can:
    • Select the desired report in the lower list and click Replace to overwrite the file on your system with the new file you received.
    • Click New to save the incoming file as a new report. You’re then prompted for which folder you’d like the new report saved in. Choose an existing folder from the list and click OK.
    • Click Cancel to close the screen and perform no action.
  Hint: If you’d like the report to open automatically in WinTOTAL after either replacing another report or starting a new one, make sure the Open Report box is selected.  

Your report is saved on your system and, if you choose, opened in WinTOTAL, ready for you to edit, review or deliver.