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In the past, one of the advantages to a printed form was that you could attach a note to it if you wanted to convey some information about the report for another appraiser. In extreme cases, review appraisers could often attach enough of these messages that it was hard to see the report behind the notes. Now, WinTOTAL lets you leave electronic “sticky notes” anywhere on any form. These notes display on screen, but do not show up on the printed copies. They make a great teaching tool, as mentors and reviewers can point out minor items, as well as critical errors.

QuickNotes are available in three levels

To create a QuickNote…

  1. In the Forms PowerView, click the note icon of choice (Yellow, Red, Green) in the toolbar above your form.

  2. Click the area of the form where you want note to appear.
  3. Type your comments in the box that appears.
  4. Click the X in upper right corner to close and save your note.

The note is placed in your document shown as a semi-transparent balloon.