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WinTOTAL’s QuickLists system is both one of WinTOTAL’s most powerful features and also one of its least understood features. Using QuickLists you can eliminate the need for repetitive typing for good and, with the proper setup, you can complete entire fields or even entire sections with a single keystroke. And since QuickLists are field-specific, you don’t have to scroll through long lists to find the appropriate comments.

There are two different types of QuickList entries you can create in WinTOTAL: single-field entries and multi-field entries.  Single entries provide a simple tool for stocking your common line item responses.  Multi-field entries, on the other hand, provide you with a way to stock entire sections of a form into a single QuickList.  Generally, you can achieve the best results through a blend of line item QuickLists and multi-field QuickLists.

When using QuickLists, the first step is to create your custom list of “canned” responses.  Then, you can use them in your report, organize them for easier access, or share them with others in your office.


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