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QuickBooks Integration


While WinTOTAL and XSites provide a robust set of business management and accounting tools, some appraisers may find that their businesses are better served by using a professional accounting package, such as Intuit’s QuickBooks application.   Fortunately, WinTOTAL includes direct integration with QuickBooks to share billing and payment information.

QuickBooks System Requirements

WinTOTAL’s new QuickBooks integrations tools use Intuit’s own proprietary integration backend for programs like WinTOTAL.  To use their tools, Intuit requires the Pro version (or better) of QuickBooks 2002 or newer and therefore, WinTOTAL’s QuickBooks integration tools have the same requirements.

  Note: Intuit does not support QuickBooks versions prior to 2007 on Windows Vista.  If you intend to run Windows Vista as your operating system, you must upgrade to QuickBooks 2007 or later to leverage WinTOTAL’s integration with QuickBooks.  For more information on this issue, visit Intuit’s Vista support page  

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