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Print Reports


Depending on where you print in WinTOTAL, you have different options.  When printing from WinTOTAL, you can print a hard copy or PDF copy of any pages in your report.  But when you print from the Appraisal Desktop, you have the option to print a reports list, invoice only, or just a “quick print” copy of your report. To print a report…

  1. From inside a report or from the Appraisal Desktop, click Print in the top toolbars or go to the File menu and choose one of the print options. 
  2. If you’re printing from the Appraisal Desktop, mark your preferred printing option and click OK.  Otherwise, skip this step. Options are:
    • Print Report – This option opens the standard WinTOTAL Print screen, from which you can choose which pages and forms you’d like to print, as well as choosing the printer to which you’d like to send them.
    • Auto print report – This option automatically prints the report based on the default settings you’ve chosen for that report in the past, so you can skip the remaining steps in this process.
    • Print invoice only – If you just need to send out a new invoice, choose this option. Any invoice form found in the report is sent directly to your default printer, so you can skip the remaining steps in this process.
    • Print reports list – The final option doesn’t print the actual report. Instead, it sends the report list directly to your default printer, so you can skip the remaining steps in this process.

  3. When the Aurora Print Engine appears, you should see a list of the forms in your report and other options. Mark the option for the format you want for your print job: Print, WinTOTAL PDF or Fax.

  4. Double-click each form you want to print or click Mark All to print everything. An icon appears next to forms you’ve marked. To “unmark” a form and omit it from printing, double-click it again.
  5. You can also select the target printer on a form by form basis. If you have just one printer hooked up to your PC, you can leave this at the default. If you have separate printers for color printing or photos and B&W printing, click Printer Settings in the upper left corner of the screen under your Online Tutorial link to tell WinTOTAL which printers you use.
      Note:  You can also change the printer settings by using Edit Printer Settings in the additional print options.   
  6. If you see the column titled TOC you can mark whether or not a form is listed on WinTOTAL’s dynamic Table of Contents form. When this box is cleared for a form, it is skipped when printing as well as page number. This feature is handy for comps pages included for analysis, but not necessary for the final report, invoice forms, and other photo pages.
      Note: By default this column does not appear in the print window.  To enable it, click the Click here for more printing options link in the lower left corner of the screen, check the Show Table of Contents column option, and ensure that you’ve added a Table of Contents form to your report.  
  7. Once you’ve selected your options, click OK to begin the print job.