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Math Calculator


You can now do basic math operations using WinTOTAL’s Math Calculator so that you can drop those calculations into your report.  By running this option, a basic calculator appears on your screen to help you quickly calculate most common calculations as your build your appraisal.  In addition, WinTOTAL’s Math Calculator can accept basic Excel-like formulas to help you make your calculations more easily.  To perform calculations and insert them into your report…

  1. Anywhere in WinTOTAL, find the field into which you want to insert your calculation and click to select it.
  2. Click Tools, Math Calculator from the menus.

  3. Use the basic calculator functions to determine a value OR enter an Excel formula into the bottom text box and click Eval.
  4. If you’re satisfied with the value you’ve calculated, indicate whether you want to keep the calculator open after you insert the value into your field by checking the box at the bottom and then click Insert to add it into the selected field.