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Market to Past Clients


WinTOTAL now has direct integration with XSellerate to help you market your appraisal business to past clients.  Now, if you want to send a mailer to your past clients to remind them about your previous work for them and suggest that it might be time to have their home reappraised you can do so by putting WinTOTAL together with XSellerate in your Enterprise level Appraiser XSite.  If you want to print mailing labels and customized print messages advising your past clients to have their home reappraised…

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, click Tools, Export Address Data to XSellerate.
  2. When a screen appears prompting you for a date range, choose From and To dates to limit the mailer to those clients whose last appraisal falls within the dates you specify.
  3. Click OK to continue.
  4. When your XSite’s login page appears, type in your XSite Username and Password.  Then, click Login.
  5. In the screen that appears, you’re presented with 3 ad options.  Preview each option by clicking the respective links.  When you find an ad that you’re satisfied with, click the disk icon to save a copy of the ad to your computer.

  6. The provided ads are intentionally generic so that you can simply print an ad and send it out as a part of your mailer without a need to edit it, but it is possible to edit these ads to customize them before mailing them out. In order to edit this ad prior to sending out your mailing, you can simply copy and paste the ad’s contents into a word processor, edit it to your needs, and save it for your printer from there.
  7. To print mailing labels for your XSellerate mailer, click the Preview and Print Labels button.
  8. In the Print Labels window that appears, choose your Avery® label type and preferred printing options from the available choices. Options are:
    • Require that the contact contains a full mailing address to print a label for it so that you don’t print labels you can’t use for mailings.
    • Print a custom label instead of labels from contacts by typing in the preferred label.
    • Force the label printer to print a full sheet of your custom labels.
    • Choose the starting label on your label sheet by clicking the corresponding cell in the preview page on the left.
  9. When you’re ready to print your labels, just click the Print icon in the Label Preview pane to send them to the printer.


Now, just combine the ads you’ve created with the mailing labels you’ve printed and send your mailer to start bringing in more appraisal business.