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Link to Form Fields


A key feature in WinTOTAL’s addenda tools is the ability to place hot links to fields from your appraisal forms. These hotlinks pull information from the forms in your report to help you fill out your addenda.  For example, instead of typing the address of “123 Main Street” you could link the address field in your report down into the addendum.  The addendum would pull the address from the address field into your addenda, marking it in blue.  Then, if you save the addendum and load it into another report, the address refreshes with the data from the new report.  To create these hotlinks in your addendum…

  1. In WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, place your cursor in the addendum where you want to insert data from a report field.
  2. In the form window, select the field whose data you want to include in the addenda. To find the right field, you can use Collapse all UpArrowMinus and Expand all DownArrowPlus, or Jump to forms.
  3. Once your cursor is in the proper field, click the BlueDownArrow Link Field button to insert the contents of the selected form field into your addendum.

The field data from the form transfers into the addenda. To demonstrate that it is a live link, change the field on the form and watch it change the addenda when your cursor leaves the field!

  Hint:  You can link fields from more than one form in your report. So you might link data from the main form, but also from an additional comps page, for example.  

If you don't like scrolling around your forms in the split screen view, there is another way to insert fields from your report's major form:

  1. From WinTOTAL’s addenda tools, click the Insert Field button.

  2. A menu appears showing the form's major sections. Click the section you would like to use.
  3. Fields from that section are listed alphabetically. If an arrow is shown at the bottom of a list, use it to scroll down and see more fields. Click the desired field in the list and it should be inserted into your addendum.