Sketch PowerView > Import Old Sketches

Import Old Sketches


To help save you time, WinTOTAL can import sketches from your old reports.  If you need to import an old sketch…

  1. In the Sketch PowerView, click Import Sketch in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. Use the Folders list on the left to locate and select the WinTOTAL folder containing the report from which you want to import a sketch. On the right, all of the reports in that folder are displayed.

  3. Click the report in the list to see any sketches found in that report. Once you’ve selected the desired report, click Import.
  Note:  If you need help finding a particular report, use the search capabilities in the Import Sketches screen. Type a street name or other criteria in the Look for box, then select the folders you’d like to search from the Search In drop-down menu. Click Find Now to display all of the reports that meet your criteria. For even more searching power, click the Advanced Find link, enter your criteria in the text boxes and click Find.