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Import Comps from Open Reports


To import the comps from your current report in your database…

  1. In the Comps Database, click GreenPlusIcon Add in the toolbar.
  2. Click WinTOTAL in the screen that appears.

  3. To import the subject property, check the Import the Subject box.
  4. Select Prompt for additional comp information if you prefer to add additional data to each comp during the import process.
  5. Check the Search for Duplicates box to automatically search your database for duplicate comps before importing them. If desired, check the Preview each duplicate found box to force WinTOTAL to prompt you whenever it finds a duplicate. You’re then given the option of adding duplicate comps anyway. If this option is not selected, any comps with duplicate addresses are ignored.
  6. Finally, check the final box if you’d like to have any photos associated with a comp imported as well.
  7. Click OK to begin the import process.
  8. If you selected the Prompt for additional information option, a screen appears for each comp allowing you to enter items like the neighborhood name, notes, sale date or age. Enter the desired data and click OK. Repeat for each comp, or click Stop prompting me for this information to discontinue the prompts.