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WinTOTAL includes a wide variety of resources you can use to familiarize yourself with the forms, features, and functions it provides.  Whether you learn by reading, seeing, hearing, or doing, WinTOTAL has a solutions that can assist you in maximizing the efficiency of your business.  To access a full list of help tools, including a fully searchable knowledgebase, click Help in the Appraisal Desktop.


Here’s a brief description of the tools you can expect to find in WinTOTAL’s Help PowerView

Searchable Knowledgebase
Simply type in a search phrase and click Search to use our searchable knowledgebase.
Webinars & Training Videos
Sometimes, the easiest way to learn a product is to see it in action.  Visit our training page through this link to review a full list of live training sessions and pre-recorded educational videos.
On-Screen User's Manual
The complete searchable reference guide for WinTOTAL, stored on your local computer for easy reference.
Online User's Manual
An easier to read reference guide for WinTOTAL, located in our Knowledgebase.
WinTOTAL Tutorial
A walkthrough of WinTOTAL that help should help you complete the most common tasks in WinTOTAL.
WinTOTAL Networking Guide
If you intend to install WinTOTAL in a networked environment, this guide walks you through the process of installing it correctly.
Reseller & Education Network
Our searchable network of authorized resellers and education partners is what you need if you want special training or support.
Need more help?
If you’re having problems with WinTOTAL, but don’t have time to call our support desk, you can get help by clicking Support Request in the toolbar. This launches the Tech Support Assistant, from which you can detail the problem you’re having and send it to our support department. As an added advantage, the assistant scans your system and sends along a detailed diagnostic report that often helps our technicians to pinpoint your problem.