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Edit PDF Security Settings


WinTOTAL’s built-in PDF creation tool can assist you in securing your PDF’s so that no one can tamper with your PDF or copy data out of it for any reason.  To apply security settings to your PDF’s…

  1. From the Aurora Print Engine PDF options, click Edit PDF Security Settings.

  2. Then, determine whether you want to permit your clients to:
    • Select text and graphics in the PDF
    • Change the PDF
    • Add or change notes and form fields
      Note: PDF files aren’t protected by your digital signature and can be edited unless you specify otherwise by checking the Change the PDF box.  
  3. Check the corresponding boxes to prevent your clients from changing any of these features.
  4. If you’d like to password protect your PDF so that a password is required to change the PDF security options, enter a password in the Change Security field.  Keep in mind that this settings affects all PDF’s that you create so you should be careful when using this feature.
  5. When finished, click OK to accept your changes and click OK again in the Aurora Print Engine to create your PDF.