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If your camera is configured to work with your Windows operating system, Windows should prompt you about how you’d like to handle the images on your removable device or camera.  To simplify this process, we’ve added an option to this list so that you can choose to run the WinTOTAL photo retrieval process whenever you connect the device to your computer or place it in its docking station. You have two options for retrieving photos:

To tell WinTOTAL which method you prefer to use…

  1. From the Images PowerView, click the small arrow to the right of Get Photos in the toolbar at the top.

  2. From the pop-up menu, choose Options.
  3. Mark the option for the photo retrieval method you’d like the system to use as a default and click OK.
  Note:  You can always override the default setting by choosing either retrieval method from the pop-up menu accessed by clicking the small arrow to the right of Get Photos in the toolbar.  

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