Detailed View


WinTOTAL’s detailed view can give you insight into the current status of each report in your File Cabinet and can help you perform a number of basic report management functions without even opening the report.  To open the detailed view of any report, simply click the plus sign beside any report in the Appraisal Desktop.

The detailed view provides extensive report information including:


For convenience, you can also use the detailed view to perform a number of basic report management functions including:

Note: The "Add Report to QuickBooks" option only appears if you have QuickBooks installed on your computer.


Disabling Auto-Expand

By default, whenever you click on a file, it expands to display the file’s detailed view.  If you’d rather control this expansion yourself, click the Tools menu in the Appraisal Desktop, then de-select the Enable auto-expand option to disable it.  If you chose to re-enable it at a later time, simply return to the Tools menu and check the Enable auto-expand option again.