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Share WinTOTAL Reports


As easy as it is to send a PDF report to your customers, it’s just as easy to use your MAPI-compliant e-mail to share a copy of your WinTOTAL report with another appraiser for editing or review. To share a WinTOTAL report:

  1. With your report open in WinTOTAL, choose Share Report, WinTOTAL Report via e-mail from the toolbar.
  2. Complete the necessary fields in the Delivery Information screen.


  3. When sending a WinTOTAL report, can exclude some information that may not be appropriate to share with another appraiser, such as your WorkSheet or Invoice, from the report you send.  Removing other features, like Photos or the Digital Workfile can reduce the size of the file you’re going to send. Just check the boxes for any items which you wish to exclude from the report.
  4. Click Finish to attach your report to an outgoing e-mail message from your default e-mail client - whether that’s Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or any other MAPI-compliant e-mail tool. Then, just click Send to deliver the message.