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Share WinTOTAL PDF Reports


PDF’s are files that anyone can view.  As such they are best suited when delivering your reports to your clients.  If you’re delivering your report to someone you want to update the report, sharing a WinTOTAL report should better suit your needs.

Note: Unprotected PDF’s are still subject to tampering after you’ve delivered them.  To ensure that no one tampers with the PDF copy of the report you send, see the PDF Options & Security section of this user guide.

To share a WinTOTAL PDF via e-mail:

  1. Once you’ve completed and signed your report in WinTOTAL, from the toolbar, choose Share Report, WinTOTAL PDF via e-mail. Or, if you’ve configured this as your default delivery method, just click Share Report in the toolbar.
    Note: See the Default Delivery Methods section of this user guide for more information about configuring your delivery default.

  2. Complete the necessary fields in the Delivery Information screen. To save time, you can automatically fill in most of these items based on the customer information from your report. Click the drop-down menus to see the automated information available for each field.


  3. For the address fields, you can choose a recipient from your WinTOTAL Contacts Database. Click the To or CC link and double-click the appropriate contact to add that person to your Message Recipients list. Then, click OK.
  4. You can also insert text directly into the e-mail message using information from your report. Check the Include standard message text box.
    Note: For more information about using Message Templates, see the respective section of this user guide.

  5. There are two remaining options to add automated text to your message. Check either Acrobat download instructions or XSite Order Manager Information to automatically insert the respective instructions that explain these useful tools to your customer.
  6. If you use WinTOTAL’s digital workfile feature, you can have a copy of the PDF file automatically added to it. This ensures that you always have an exact copy of the report you send to your customers. Check the Save PDF to report’s Workfile box to enable this feature.
  7. Click Finish and then select the forms you’d like to include in your report from the screen that appears.
  8. Set any other options as necessary and then click OK to deliver your message.
  9. Your report is generated and attached to an outgoing e-mail message from your default e-mail client, whether that’s Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or any other MAPI-compliant e-mail tool. Click Send and you’re done.