Data Entry Options


WinTOTAL’s Data Entry Options control how your cursor, QuickLists, and drop-down menus function when you are moving through the forms. To access your Data Entry Options…

  1. From the Forms section of WinTOTAL Configuration Utility, click Data Entry Options in the Formfilling pane on the left.

  2. Mark your preferences in the screen that appears.  Options are…
    • Always display dynamic field expansions when entering a UAD field - Select this item if you'd like to all the assistance available when you first enter a field that's affected by UAD.
    • Only display dynamic field expansions when entering a UAD field if the field is blank, in error, or specifically selected - This still lets you see the UAD assistance via expanded fields, but only does so in cases where the field is blank, in error, or specifically selected
    • Never display dynamic field expansions when entering a UAD field - This option is also known as Freeform UAD mode. The dynamic field expansions will not be displayed unless you press CTRL+ ENTER. You can type the UAD formatted text or use the available shorthand to make formfilling faster.
    • Select all text when jumping into a field – When you select this option, each time you enter a field in a form, any existing text in that field is automatically selected. That way, you can begin typing and the old data is completely replaced with the new. If this option is turned off, your cursor is placed at the beginning of the field and you can use the arrow keys or mouse to re-position the cursor and enter data.
    • Show drop-down lists for fields – One of the innovations found in our previous version of WinTOTAL was the “Recent Response” list. Each field in your forms would automatically remember the last several items you typed in. The next time you entered that field, you could reapply that text simply by choosing it from a drop-down menu. To use the “Recent Responses” feature in WinTOTAL, check the box beside this option and then mark the Recent Responses option.
      Unfortunately, the “Recent Responses” feature led to some confusion with our QuickLists text databases. So, in Aurora, you have the option of displaying your QuickList items each field’s drop-down menu instead of the recent responses. To do so, check the box beside this option and then mark the QuickLists option. Whichever option you choose for your drop-down lists, you have two additional options:
      • Enable Auto-Complete – When this option is turned on, you can begin typing information into any field that has Recent Responses or QuickLists enabled. WinTOTAL watches what you type and displays items from your lists that match. Once the correct list item is displayed, just press Enter to accept that item. This function is very similar to the way the address bar works in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
      • Automatically show drop-down lists – If you’re using the auto-complete function, chances are you may not want to see the drop-down menus at all. The data is still available, but you won’t be bothered by the menu icons. Turn this option on if you always want the option of picking items from the drop-down menus as well.
      • Options for Inserting QuickLists items in multi-line fields – As you build QuickList entries for multi-line fields, you need to decide if you prefer to have a few, very-long comments, or several smaller comments that you chain together. Depending upon how you build your lists, you need to adjust these settings.
        • Insert into existing data – Use this option if you want to insert QuickList items into the middle of existing text. When it is turned on, the program inserts the QuickList item wherever in the field you have your cursor.
        • Replace any existing data – If you do choose to create fewer, but longer, QuickList and Text Database items, select this option. When it’s turned on, the program overwrites any existing field data with the new data from your list.
        • Append to existing data – If you’ve created QuickList or Text Database items that build on each other, the this option may help. When it’s turned on, the program inserts your items at the end of the current field, regardless of where your cursor is.
        • Move to the next available field – This option controls what your cursor does after you’ve inserted a QuickList or Text Database item. When it’s turned on, after you insert an item, the cursor immediately moves to the next field in the form. This can really speed up data entry as you don’t have to press Enter to accept the text item.
      • Keyboard navigation – Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and pressing the left or right arrow keys allows you to move through your text in a more word-processor like manner.  Mark the option for the behavior you want to use.  Options are:
        • Next Field – Causes the cursor to move to the next field in your form.
        • Next Word – Causes the cursor to move to the beginning of the next word in your field.
  3. When finished, click Save to put your settings into effect.