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DataCourier (XML + PDF) Delivery


DataCourier is the most reliable way to deliver UAD-compliant reports in the format your clients will need for UCDP (Uniform Collateral Data Portal) submission. That format — MISMO XML — will be used more and more as lenders adopt usage of the portal. These XML files are really nothing more than rigidly structured text files that contain a subset of all the report data, and they're completely unsecured. For that reason, DataCourier helps you avoid sending those files as attachments to unencrypted e-mails (which constitutes a GLB Act violation with stiff penalties.)

Whether you need to upload the MISMO XML to a client's web portal, deliver it to an e-mail address, or save the file to your own PC, DataCourier is the way to go, and it's already built right into WinTOTAL.


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