Create Orders


To create a new order in WinTOTAL…

  1. Click New in the Appraisal Desktop or choose File, New from the menus at the top.  You’re immediately taken to the Order PowerView which replaces the “Requester” found in previous versions of WinTOTAL. It ties directly into both your WinTOTAL invoice form and your XSite’s accounting data.  Of course, if your client places orders on your XSite, the Order PowerView’s options and the data within the form are already filled out for you.  On the other hand, if your clients still prefer to fax you an order, you can simply create an order for them on your XSite by starting a new report in WinTOTAL as usual. 
  2. Mark the following options in the Options pane along the left side of the screen.
    • XSite Integration – If you have an XSite, mark this option to tell WinTOTAL to keep the order and its contacts synchronized between WinTOTAL and your XSite.  You can manually synchronize at any time by clicking Sync with XSite from the Order PowerView or using the Appraisal Desktop’s Sync tool.  For more on setting up XSite integration, see the Integrate with XSites section of this user guide.
    • Extended Billing - This enables extra fields at the bottom of your order page for line item fees, payments and a due date.  This information transfers to WinTOTAL’s automatic invoice forms and to your XSite.  
  Hint: With XSite billing, you may find that you don’t even need an invoice in your report. You can send an invoice straight from your XSite.   

For a quick example of the integration in action, create a new order in WinTOTAL and mark the option to integrate it with your XSite.  All you need to enter is a client contact, a valid address and an invoice amount.  Then, after closing the order, log into your XSite and you should see that the order has indeed transferred.


Of course, you’re not required to have an XSite to use WinTOTAL’s invoicing features.  You can still manually insert your invoice from WinTOTAL’s Contents view – or using the SmartMerge or Clone tools.  Plus, you can always register any necessary payments by editing the invoice inside WinTOTAL or editing the report’s order form.  The XSite Integration tools in WinTOTAL simply improve upon the synchronization between the two products.  Moreover, since an XSite comes equipped with more advanced billing and reporting tools, if you need to do anything beyond the minimum of invoicing and recording of payments, an XSite is the best solution.