Creating Order Invoices


If you already have an order for a particular appraisal, you need not create a new invoice for that order from scratch.  Your XSite can build the invoice from the existing order and the fee information you provided when setting up Business Management.  To create or edit an invoice for an order:

  1. From your XSite's order management, find and double-click the order you want to invoice.
  2. In the Order Details screen, click Billing in the top toolbar and select Invoice from the menu that appears.

  3. When the Create/Edit Invoice screen appears, the invoice is automatically populated with information from the order.  From here, you have a few options:
    Note: If you entered any fee or payment information for this order in WinTOTAL, this information is reflected in the invoice as well after synchronizing WinTOTAL with your XSite via net.X connect.
    • Change any items for your invoice by typing the new information in the appropriate text box.
    • To edit existing fees, click the Edit link next to the fee.
    • To add an additional line item charge, select the fee description from the drop-down menu.  If you want to add a fee that isn't included in your products list, manually enter the Description and the fee amount. Once you've selected the fee or entered a new fee, click Add to update your invoice and add the new fee.

    • To enter a payment you've received from your client, select the payment type, enter any additional details about the payment, and click Add to update the invoice with the payment.

    • Depending on your User Privileges, the Fee Splits area may be enabled.  Here, you can choose who receives portions of the fee(s) received, the date paid, their percentage, and the amount paid.

  4. When you're finished, click Save on the upper left.