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Create Multi-field QuickLists


While line item QuickLists can help you quickly get through a section in your report, you can often speed that process further by creating multi-field QuickList entries that detail every field in a section for a certain builder or neighborhood. To create a multi-field QuickList entry…

  1. From the Forms PowerView, select all of the fields you want to add into your QuickList entry starting with the field into which you want to add this QuickList.  To select multiple fields, either hold down the Ctrl key and click each individual field you want to add or hold down the Shift key and click the first and last fields in a section of contiguous fields to select the entire section.
  2. Double-click New in QuickList pane or press Alt-0.

  3. Type a name for this entry and click OK.

Your new QuickList entry then appears in the QuickLists pane for the first field you selected.  To help you differentiate between your new multi-field QuickList entry and the rest of your line item QuickLists, WinTOTAL notates any multi-field QuickList entries with an orange background.