Create Invoices


WinTOTAL includes both automatic and manual invoices to help you bill your clients.  Automatic Invoices pull information directly from the Order PowerView, while Manual Invoices allow you to complete all aspects of the invoice yourself.  To add an invoice to your report:

  1. From either the Forms or Order PowerView, click Contents in the toolbar.
  2. In the list of available forms on the left, scroll down to the Invoices and double-click the invoice(s) you wish to add to your report.

  3. When finished, double-click the invoice you added to your report in the column on the right.
  4. Any fees you entered into the Order PowerView should automatically propagate into the invoice if you chose one of the Automatic forms.  From there, you can add any additional fees that you need in the fields provided.  If necessary, you can also add any pre-payments
  Hint: If you’re using the Extended Billing option from the Order PowerView on your report, you can also add fees or payments through the order form.