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Creating Client Specific Fee Lists


Once you've set up your master product list and the fees associated with it, you can also create client-specific fee lists so you can cater to your clients.  When you set up and assign these client specific fee lists, your XSite automatically distributes those fees to the clients you select.  The next time clients with a custom fee list place an order, your XSite automatically shows them the custom fee you provided for them instead of the default fee associate with their order.  To create a custom fee list…

  1. From the Fees Setup section of your XSite's Business Management, click the Define Client Specific Fees link below the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Create new fee table to create a new fee list or click an existing fee list and then Edit selected to open an existing list for editing.

  3. In the screen that appears, type a name that identifies this fee list (like ABC Mortgage's Fees, for instance).
  4. For any products that you need to add to this client specific fee list , click Add new product, select the product from the list of active products that you offer and fill out the fee, turnaround, and other details for the product.  Then, click OK.
  5. For any products that you need to remove from this client specific fee list, just click the Delete icon beside it and then click OK to confirm that you wish to remove it from your fee list.
  6. Then, for each product in the fee list, click the pencil to the right of the product, change the fee, turnaround, notes, or other details for the product, and click OK to save it back to your client specific fee list.
  7. When finished, click Save.

Once you've created all of the client specific fee lists you need, you must assign them out to your clients.