Create Client Login Accounts


If you intend to use your XSite to provide customers with status information and report delivery, then each client needs an account on your system. Of course you can go to your XSite and create accounts for them there, or customers can create their own accounts while visiting your site. But if you receive an order from a new customer, you can also create an account for them on-the-fly while you fill out order. To do so…

  1. In the Order PowerView, fill out any necessary contact information in the Lender and/or Client fields of the Order PowerView and then click the yellow book icon beside either the Lender or Client field.
  2. From the short menu that appears, choose Add to create a new contact or choose Edit if you’re simply updating an existing contact.
  3. When the Contact Details screen appears, scroll down to the XSite Login Information section if you’re editing an individual contact.  If you’re editing a company contact, simply double-click the individual contact you wish to create a login account for using the list at the bottom and then scroll down to the XSite Login Information section.

  4. Check the Allow this client to login box and then type a Username and Password for your client to use on your XSite in the boxes provided.
  5. When finished, click OK to accept your changes and create the client login account.

WinTOTAL immediately connects to the Internet and synchronizes your contact changes with the contacts on your XSite to ensure that you have the same list in both locations.