Create Client Accounts


Your XSite's contact manager allows you to create login accounts for your clients to use on your XSite.  These accounts allow your clients to place orders online, check status on the orders, and pick up orders online. If you want to create a client login account for one of your clients.

  1. In your XSite, click Contacts in the top toolbar to open your contact manager.
  2. Fill in any of the necessary Contact Information for this client.
  3. Mark the Type of Contact as either a Lender or Client by checking the appropriate Type box and then click Save.
  4. Once the contact is finished saving, an XSite Ordering Options section appears. Check the Allow this client to login box.

  5. If you’re creating a new client login account, type a Username and Password for your client, ensuring that you type the same password in the Confirm field as well.  Then skip to step 8.
  6. If you want to attach an existing client login or XSites Network account to your contact, click the here link below the Username and Password information.
  7. A list of potentially related accounts should appear.  Search through the list and find the account you want to associate with your contact.

  8. When you find it, click the link at the bottom of the contact information for that client and confirm the change.
  9. If you wish to disable any or all automatic status notifications for this contact, indicate so by marking the appropriate options in the Disable Notifications section.
  10. Finally, if you want to inform your client that he or she can now log into your XSite using the login account you associated, click the here link that appears in the XSite Login Information section of your contact details to send the client the information.

  11. When you’re finished, click Save.  If you created a new client login account, your client is immediately e-mailed the relevant information including the Username and Password you created.

Your client can now log into your XSite and place, view, or manage appraisal orders.  If you wish to remove their account at any time, just edit their contact at any time, and click Remove in the XSite Login Information section of their Contact Information.