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Copyright Reports


New to the Aurora release of WinTOTAL is the ability to copyright your appraisal reports to ensure that their content is legally protected for legitimate use only.  To copyright a report…

  1. Open a report you wish to copyright.
  2. Once it’s open, click Copyright Report in the Tools menu.

  3. When the Copyright Report screen appears, mark each of the options you wish to use in your copyright protection.  Options include:
    • Insert copyright license – Inserts a copyright license into your report to provide a clear understanding of the copyright’s implications.
    • Place copyright text on all forms – Labels each form in your report as copyrighted.
    • Place copyright text on photos selected below – When you mark this option, you can choose to include the word “Copyright” on any or all of your appraisal photos by marking the photos you’d like to copyright. 
    • Tell me how I can register my appraisal with the U.S. Copyright Office – This link takes you directly to the page of the government’s copyright website that outlines how you can copyright your report.
  4. Once you’ve selected the appropriate options for your copyright, click OK to copyright your report.

WinTOTAL flags your report as copyrighted and adds an unlimited use license agreement to your report, explaining the terms of use for your appraisal report.