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Convert Competitor Files


If you’ve come to WinTOTAL from a 3rd party formfilling application, chances are you’ve got a wealth of data locked up your old appraisals files. Luckily, WinTOTAL has the key to unlock that data. To convert your old appraisal files…

  1. Anywhere in WinTOTAL, click Tools Convert Competitor Files from the menus to launch the WinTOTAL Conversion Wizard.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the format for the files you’d like to convert.
  3. Depending upon the format you choose, one or more options may appear at the bottom of the screen. These show the resources that WinTOTAL is able to convert in addition to report files. For example, in some formats, WinTOTAL can import comparables, photos and text databases (canned comments).  Check each box for the items you wish to convert, and then click Next.
  4. If you did not select options other than just appraisal reports in the previous step, skip to the next step.  Otherwise, you may see up to four settings here depending on the items you indicated you wanted to convert.  For each setting, click Browse, navigate out to the appropriate file from your old software and click Open to accept the file.
  5. Now, click Browse to navigate out to the folder containing the reports from your old software.  Navigate out to that folder, click it, and click OK to select it.
  6. Select a WinTOTAL folder in which to store the converted files.  You can either click the drop-down menu to select an existing folder or create a new folder for your converted files by clicking New, typing a name, and clicking OK.
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. The wizard presents a warning about the imperfect nature of file conversion in general. Read the warning and click Next to continue.
  9. WinTOTAL then scans the selected directory on your system and displays any reports found in a list. Select the report(s) you’d like to convert from the list on the left and click Add. Or, click Add All to select all the reports displayed.

  10. Click Finish to launch the conversion process.
  11. When the conversion is complete, WinTOTAL notifies you with a summary of the results.  Just click OK and launch WinTOTAL to find your newly converted content.
  Note:  Be aware that file conversion may take some time. If you have hundreds of reports, it is strongly recommended that you convert them in smaller batches.  

When you next return to the File Cabinet, your converted files should be displayed in the appropriate folders. Likewise, if you converted any other items, they also appear when you next access the Files PowerView