Configure WinTOTAL

Configure WinTOTAL


WinTOTAL provides an array of options you can define to design your optimal appraisal experience. We’ve gone to great lengths to make the application as widely useful as possible, right out of the box. But we recognize that every appraiser has unique requirements and habits. You can access WinTOTAL’s configuration settings in one of two ways:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose [All] Programs, WinTOTAL, WinTOTAL Configuration Utility.
  2. From within WinTOTAL or the Appraisal Desktop, choose Options, Configure WinTOTAL settings.


Inside the configuration tool, you can:

Configuration Options

The configuration utility is divided into several sections, indicated by the icons in the toolbar.  Then, inside each section, look to the pane on the left for additional relevant functions.  Here’s a brief description of the options contained in each section.


General — Various settings controlling how the application appears, plus settings for individual users


Forms — Settings that allow you to control how WinTOTAL functions during formfilling


Images — Settings for image size, quality, and labeling


Pocket — Pocket TOTAL installation and configuration tools


Internet — Internet connection and update settings


Sketch — Settings for your preferred sketching software


Flood — Flood map integration and colorization settings


Comps — Automatic latitude and longitude retrieval settings for comps


net.X — Integration and synchronization settings for your XSite

Click an icon to access the various settings in WinTOTAL, make changes to your WinTOTAL configuration, and click Save to apply these changes.

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