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Complete the Order Form


In order to take advantage of all WinTOTAL’s time saving features, you should take the time to fill out as much information as possible. Where applicable, WinTOTAL uses this order information to fill out related fields throughout your report.

  1. Through the Order PowerView, fill out a Report Description, Property Address, City, State, and Zip at a minimum.
  2. For best results, be sure to select contacts from your contacts database using the drop-down menus provided beside each contact field.
  3. Finally, fill out any additional information in your order form as are necessary.  As you’re filling out the order form, keep these things in mind to assist you in filling it out quickly.
    • QuickLists are available in the pane to the left of the screen to help you fill out your order form quickly.
        Hint: One of the fastest ways to fill out the order form is to create QuickList entries for the different products you offer or the different areas you regularly appraise.  With a strong set of product or area based QuickLists, you could easily fill out the entire order form and invoice with only a few clicks.  
    • Notice that the field color changes to gray to indicate you’ve been to this portion of the form as you move through the fields in the order form. Fields you have not updated remain blue.
    • In any field that contains the BusinessManIcon or AddressBookIcon icon, you can select data from or add entries to your Contacts Database.
    • In any field that contains the CalendarIcon icon, you can select a date from a pop-up calendar that appears when you click the icon.
    • In the field that contains the EarchMagnifyingGlassIcon icon, you can automatically insert a location map, flood, and census data into your report when you click the icon.
    • In the appointment field that contains the ClockIcon icon, you can add your appointments to your Outlook or XSites calendar to help you maintain your schedule.
    • When the RightChevronIcon icon appears in a field, click it to designate that the content of that field is the same as either the Internal Order, Lender Case, Client File or FHA/VA case numbers entered in the Tracking section of the order form.
    • Additional fields have a drop-down menu from which you can choose additional “Same as..” data. The items displayed in these menus change depending upon the type of information each field might contain. For example, the Client field can be the “Same as” the Lender, the Bill to or the Ship to fields.
    • When the BlueLeftArrowIcon icon appears in a field, this indicates the presence of a “recent response” entry. Use your mouse and click the icon to display the list of your most recent entries in that field. Or, press Alt + Down Arrow on your keyboard.