To add or modify a balloon in your map...

  1. Click the Balloon tab in the Annotate your map pane on the left.

  2. Click Add/Move Balloon and then click the place on the map where you wish to move/place the balloon.
  3. In the screen that appears, mark one of the existing balloons to move it to the new location or click the Create new custom balloon option and type in a label to create a new balloon. Then, click OK to move/place the balloon.
  4. Then, you can change the text, font, or coloring on each balloon.
    • To change the font on a balloon, click to select the balloon you wish to change, then click the Choose Font link in the Balloon tab on the left. In the screen that appears, mark your font style, formatting, and size. Then, click OK to update the font.
    • To change the font or balloon color, click to select the balloon you wish to change. Then, select your preferred font or balloon color from the Text Color or Back Color drop-down menus respectively.
  5. As necessary, you can validate WinTOTAL's placement of each balloon by comparing it with the same property locations in other service providers. If necessary, click to select a balloon and then click the Google or MapQuest links in the Balloon tab on the left to view a Google or MapQuest map for comparison.
  6. As necessary, you can remove any balloon on your map. Just click to select the balloon and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

When you're finished editing your map, remember to click Next, Back, or Finish to save your changes.