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Automate Order Numbering


If you’ve defined your own custom order numbering scheme to help you keep track of each new order that comes into your office, you may be able to use WinTOTAL’s auto-numbering tools to automate the order numbering process so that you don’t have to manage it.  To enable automatic internal order numbering…

  1. In WinTOTAL’s Order PowerView, check the Auto Internal Order box in the Options pane to the left of the Order PowerView of the Appraisal Desktop.
  2. Next, click the Auto Internal Order link.
  3. When the Configure Internal Order Number window appears, determine whether you want to make your order numbering system available to all users on your network or just on your machine and then mark either Just for me or Office-wide (All WinTOTAL users) option to indicate your choice.  If you’re not using a network installation of WinTOTAL, mark the Just for me option.
      Note: If you’re using a network setup of WinTOTAL and you select to use this as an Office-wide setting, it applies to all users in your network and can be changed by all users in your network.  If the other users in your network wish to use a different internal ordering scheme, they must repeat this process and use the Just for me option.  

  4. Next, configure the auto-numbering scheme you’d like to use for your internal order numbers by choosing from the following options
    • Auto number sequentially – Increments the internal order number each time you generate a new report.  When you choose this option, you need to designate the starting number for your internal ordering scheme.
    • Auto number based on my settings below – Provides a customizable format for your automatic internal order number.  Using this option you can include a prefix, year, month, or day in your internal order and control the order of their appearance.
        Hint: If you’re using the Auto number based on my settings below option, you can preview the internal order number format by viewing the Example field at the bottom of the window.  
  5. Depending on which option you chose, you must either configure the starting number for your internal order number or the prefix, day, month, year, and order of appearance in your internal order numbering scheme.
  6. When you’re finished, click OK to implement your internal order numbering scheme on all your future appraisals.