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Add Documents to Reports


In previous versions of WinTOTAL, adding files to your report could be a complicated process.  Now, WinTOTAL’s new “Add Documents” feature allows you to add anything from a PDF to a scanned document to your report in a few simple steps.  To add a file to your report…

  1. In the Forms PowerView, click the down arrow next to the Add button. Files can be added to your report using one of four methods:
    • Document from clipboard – Copies the image currently in the Windows clipboard into your report file.  This allows you to use Windows’ copy and paste features to import image files into your report. 
    • Document from image – Allows you to browse your computer for the file that you want to add.
    • Document from scanner – Allows you to scan a hard copy of a document directly into your report. 
    • Document from PDF – Allows you to import PDF files directly into your report.
  2. Click the option that corresponds with the source of the file you want to import. Then, WinTOTAL prompts you about the type of form you’d like to use to import this data.

  3. Choose a form type that suits your preference and then type a title that reflects the file you’re importing.
  4. Finally, choose an appropriate image quality using the Quality settings options and then click OK to import your file.


Document from Clipboard

When you use this option to add a document to your report, WinTOTAL automatically pulls the latest image you’ve added to the Windows clipboard into your report.  In addition to the general steps outlined above, you need to specify whether or not you’d like to send the image to the image optimizer before adding it to your report.  To do so, simply mark the option that corresponds to your choice.

  Note: If you have not copied an image to the Windows clipboard, this option generates an error when you choose it.  



Document from Image

When you use this option to add a document to your report, WinTOTAL prompts you to browse for the file you wish to add.  In addition to the options outlined above, you need to click Browse and Open the file that you wish to add before clicking OK.



Document from Scanner

By using this option to add a document to your report, WinTOTAL automatically starts your scanning software. 

  Note:  You must have your scanning software installed to use this option.  Furthermore, since your scanning software is unique to your scanner, if you have difficulties using this option, you should contact your scanner manufacturer.  
  1. Once the scanning software loads, it takes control from WinTOTAL, so you must use it as directed by the manufacturer to scan or acquire the image. Usually, you click OK, Close, Save, Scan or Send to in order to send the image to the “host” application – in this case, WinTOTAL. If you’re scanning software has no such option, it should send the image to WinTOTAL. 
  2. Once the image has been sent to WinTOTAL, an Import from scanner screen appears prompting you with specific options.  Choose a type of form to insert the scanned document into and type a title for the form in the available box.

  3. Remember to choose either to automatically optimize your image using your pre-defined settings or to manually optimize the image by marking the appropriate option.
  4. Finally, choose a Quality Setting for your document and click OK to import it into your form.


Document from PDF

When you choose this option to add a document to your report, WinTOTAL allows you to browse for and add a PDF document to your report.  It then converts the PDF into an image file that can be used in a WinTOTAL form or even optimized and annotated as with any other image file in WinTOTAL.

  1. Choose a type of form into which WinTOTAL should insert your PDF.
  2. Type a title for the form into the available box.
  3. Click Browse to navigate out to the PDF file on your computer.  When you find the PDF file, click it and choose Open.
  4. Finally, choose the Quality Setting you wish to use on your PDF and click OK to convert the PDF into an image that can be used in a WinTOTAL form.
  Note:  In addition to the standard fax, black & white, and color quality settings in the other options, this option includes an option to maintain the highest possible quality during the process of converting the PDF into an image file. Use this option only as necessary because it can increase your report’s overall file size significantly.